Daniel Šanta

My name is Daniel, and I am married to Andrea. We have two daughters, Barbara who is 3, and Petra who is 2.

We serve in Christ evangelical church in Bečej and in home churches in surrounding places. I have origins in Christianity as my family is Christian family, but I started serving a year ago. I serve in home churches and church as a helper to my father who is pastor. I organize summer camps for children and I am doing logistic for Christmas presents for children.

As I said, I am from Christian family, but I needed time to grow, and now when I am almost 30 I think that I am on right way to serve Lord with my family. We want to serve God with our whole being, spirit, heart, mind and flesh.

Jovica Popov

Hello, I am Jovica Popov. I am married to Tatjana and we have five kids, 2 of them are adopted. Sara, Stefan and Filip are our biological children and Svetlana and Svetislav are our adopted children.

I serve in Christ evangelical church in Zrenjanin and I am serving in home churches in Melenci, Taraš and Aradac. Sometimes I serve in other churches of Christ evangelical alliance. I started my service back in 1989.

My short testimony is that 1985. I have started thinking about God as Creator of everything that exists and soon after that I understood and accepted message of salvation. I was baptized July 19th 1987., and after that I started serving. My work with Roma communities started in 1996. and from 1998. I started raising home churches in different places (such as Melenci, Taraš, Aradac etc.) and 2003. I became pastor in church in Zrenjanin

Janoš Husar

Hi, i am Janoš Husar. I am married to Elizabet and we have daughter Lea. I started serving in 2008. and officially registered year of my beginning is 2013.

During summer of 2000. I was deep in unbelief, and I was on training when I had had serious injury – and in age where I was in my full energy, I couldn’t move, because I lost all strength. First I tried to heal: I was laying in my bed, used different tools but nothing helped. In that time, there were some operations in hospital in Zrenjanin, which were not successful so I was afraid to go to hospital. I was in my bed for months with no hope and didn’t have any solution for my situation.

But, one afternoon, my mother came into my room and told me: “God can heal you”. And I wondered: “How?” So she said that she will bring me some book. And she brought it. I started reading it and this book was talking about some verses in Holy Bible, so I asked for one Bible. I said to God, “I will do everything just to be healthy again!” In that book I was finding that I need to belong to Lord, and that I need to accept Jesus as my Lord and savior. As I found those instructions, I decided to do it. I repented, my sins were forgiven and I had new birth, and fulfilment with Holly Spirit. I did all what was asked from me but there was no healing. I talked a lot with Lord and asked from him to heal me. One evening, I a was laying in my bed and talking to God, there was a though: “Stand up, because you are not sick anymore!” I thought, that it is coming from me. But, there was another one: “Stand up, and you will see!” So, I thought: “what can I lose?” I stood up and couldn’t believe what I saw – my sickness just disappeared. I was walking in my room and thinking: “Is this possible? Is God real?” I promised to myself – because I saw on myself that God did it – i want to find more about God. I want to explore Him. I started going to church, and I was sent to one Bible school, after that I got service in church; then I was sent to another Bible school, and after that I was appointed to serve and nurture the church; and at the beginning of my third Bible school, God put me for the pastor of the church.

Nebojša Dolić


Hi, my name is Nebojša Dolić. I am married to Biljana and have two sons, Nikola and Emilijan and daughter Sara.

I serve in Pančevo and Belgrade. I started serving as a pastor after I finished Bible school in Novi Sad, in 1995. First I served in Bačko gradište in Roma-Hungarian community, after that I served in Srbobran and Kucura and after while i came to Pančevo where I currently serve as pastor, as well as in Belgrade. I am pastor in church in Belgrade from 2013.

               I was born in Orthodox family, that had some tradition but didn’t have true faith in Christ. During my high school, I received New Testament – Gideonite. Because of that I started thinking about salvation and eternal life and I got idea to become a monk to receive eternal life. While I was in military in Novi Sad, at the beginning of 1993., I was invited to come in Evangelical church. There, I understood message of the Bible, about salvation, much better, and I gave my life to Christ. After that, I went to Bible school – Žetva – in Novi Sad. After I finished Bible school, I was invited to serve in church. I was youth pastor. Later, I was appointed as pastor of home churches from church of Novi Sad. My family and I moved to Pančevo (Belgrade suburb) in 2004. where we have started a new evangelical church.

Slobodan Gajić

Hello, I am Slobodan Gajić. I am 23, and live in Novi Sad, which is capital of autonomous province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. I grew up in family of 4, together with my two brothers (older and younger) and mother.
Currently I serve in Linking Partners Ministry as coordinator for Serbia. My service is combination of networking with Roma’s in Vojvodina, transfer of knowledge and training in some basic skills (such as time management, finance management, leading etc.) and bonding people to the Word of God through many projects. I help Roma leaders in teaching newborn Christians about life in 21. century church that is to be as life in 1. century church – gathered around Jesus and His word and discipling others, and sharing the Gospel (for this we rely much on Multiply material of Frencis Chan and David Platt).

I started serving God 6 years ago, in small Roma community in Kucura, which is few miles from the town where I grew up. First I was helping in Sunday school, later I helped with translation from English to Serbian and vice versa for teams that were visiting our church. In meantime, I connected with Linking Partners and 4 years ago I committed to service in this Ministry, along the service in church. As the Ministry grew, it took much more time from me so I committed myself fully to serve Roma’s through the Ministry.

My work in Linking Partners cant be described as work, it is more as passionate dedication to help Roma people to reach other Roma’s for Lord and to spread Gospel in Serbia as much as we can. Everything what we have done is done through team work, joint effort and a lot of Gods will and leading of the Spirit.

My turning point in life, when I became Christian, happened in 2012, when I met volunteers from Netherland that were helping pastor Saša, (nowadays my pastor and friend), who called me, one Sunday, to go with them to his church. It all started on that Sunday in June 2012 when I saw that God is alive and that He didn’t abandon us, that He didn’t just die on the cross and that faith isn’t only church with big tower and bell. That day I saw that my whole life was leading me to that point, and I like to say that God wanted me to be there and that He was working in my life towards that moment, so I could accept His call and open my heart for His word and His way for my life.

Marijan and Slavica Stanković


My name is Marijan Stanković. I was born in Prokuplje. By the mercy of God 2005, after I finished the first year of Biblical school I became the pastor of the Roma church in Prokuplje. In 2007 I finished the second year of Biblical school. Then, in our life God sends part of the Linking Partners team into our lives. Thanks to our work together now we have founded 10 Roma house churches and one house group in towns and villages on the east of Serbia in the area of Prokuplje.

With our project Disciples Making Disciples, we succeded almost in every new house group to set up leaders. These are persons who are dedicated, working and whose heart is filled with love of Jesus. I am thankful to God, that through our fellow cooperation for Heavenly kingdom in this part of Serbia, I had the chance to feel in a lot of ways Gods goodness and leadership.

Thanks to all churches, individuals, and organisations which financialy, selflessly sacrifice themselves so that the work of God grows up and progresses in the south of Serbia.

Before I was born new again, my life was totally empty, without purpose, goal or hope. I grew up in one really poor family where there was no reason for happiness. Even though my family were culturally Christians, there was never even a word about God in our home. Maybe there was no time, because troubles were beating us always. My late teenage days started to get difficult. The point and purpose of my life I found there, where all people with life troubles go, with all their stress and heaviness. Alcohol was the purpose of my life for a couple of years. It was stealing parts of me every day. When I was 17. I was already an experienced alcoholic. In the beginning it was funny for me. I felt nice. I was drinking to have some fun, but.. That brought me to bigger troubles. Problems with family, parents, problems with law, troubles, troubles… All worse and worse, and alcohol was my only hope and comfort. When I started to hurt myself, I understood I am in big trouble. I had no support from anybody. There was no solution, and a lot of times, while I was drunk, I mentioned God.

In 1999 God sent a person in my life, and because of that person my life got new meaning. I met a beautiful girl named Slavica. She was commited and a God fearing person. She brought me to a well of freedom and happiness. She instructed me in the truth which set me free. She testified to me about the living and true God. In 2000, I gave my heart to the Lord and accepted Him as my savior.

In 2002, I married Slavica and since then, my life got a new dimension. My life was rebuilt, filled with peace I always wanted. God gave me a new heart. I became a better person. All of the emptiness is now filled with love, hope and happiness. Now me and my home faithfully serve the Lord.

As I mentioned, in 2005, I became the pastor of the Roma church, and now in cooperation with Linking Partners we oversee and care for about 10 house churches.

A lot of donations, humanitarian actions, different projects for Roma people, free course of English for youth leaders, have all been provided by Linking Partners. Thanks to the Lord’s Grace and our friends from America, He opened us a lot of doors for preaching the Gospel.

We are especially happy that besides planting churches, we can see how services with youth and children are progressing. It is a privilege to work with youth. It is a privilege to be part of their lives, in which we can invest and see how God changes them and prepares them for mission.

Some of them are in our project Disciples Who Make Disciples. They got new electronnic tablets from Linking Partners and which they use to study the Bible and for mission work.

Pray for us, our cooperation, for our services to grow in spreading the word and building the Lord’s kingdom in our country.

Dragan and Danijela Stanojlović


We are Dragan and Danijela Stanojlovic. We work with Linking Partners, planting churches in the area in and around Belgrade.

When we accepted Jesus Christ as our savior and Lord, we wanted to learn more from God’s word. We were praying to go to Bible school. In 2000 and 2001 we were in Bible school. God was talking with us through His word and encouraged us to share the Gospel with others who still didn’t hear about the resurrected Savior. Since then, we started to evangelize our parents, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends in Belgrade and surrounding. We organized a Christmas evangelization, first was in Belgrade in backyard of one family. We were cleaning and preparing together, cooking tea for all and we spoke about Jesus Christ and the importance of His birth.

Those type of evangelizations have grown into a house church which counted 22 people. Some of them turned their life to Christ, were baptized and still faithfully serve the Lord. From our very beginning our purpose was to create new leaders who will want to serve God with all their heart.

The Lord used us in service among Muslims also. Now in Mladenovac we visit families which are Muslim families. The whole settlement of Roma people know about us and they respect us. Their children go with us to summer camps, which is a great thing, it means they trust us.

During these years we faithfully served God in good times and bad times, evangelized, led house groups, had children, teenage and youth camps, and educated other teachers. For two years now, I am a preacher in the church. I preach in other churches also, we try to be bridges that connect and serve to build brothers and sisters in faith. In summer time we work in summer camps for children with disabilities, as well as other camps for children and teenagers.

Our vision is that our country as a whole is evangelized. For that we need to raise up new leaders who will serve God in their communities. Our purpose is also that the Roma population will be spiritually awakened, emotionally and with their body. We desire that new generations finish school, have jobs, and are able to be normal citizens, to be a blessing to their country, and that God changes them so when others see change in their lives, they will also believe in our Great God.

As the first Christians in our families, it wasn’t easy to bring them faith, to teach our elders what is against our culture. There was rejecting, insulting, tears and pain, but even today after fifteen years we say that it is worth all of that. What encourages us are the verses from Psalms 126: 5-6 who helps us to serve to our Great Lord…and even if we don’t see results here on Earth, we will see them in Heaven.

“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.”

Aleksandar & Danijela Subotin


My name is Aleksandar Subotin, I am 30 years old, married and have two children. I am the pastor in the Evangelical church in Kucura, and we have 11 home churches. Our work is based in the Roma population. I am part of Linking Partners since 2014, and I cover the area of Northern Serbia.
The first time I heard the word of God was when I was six. The gospel came first to my cousins and then to my grandpa. Grandpa lead me regularly to church every Sunday since I was 14, when I was baptised and started to work in the church, those days as a janitor, children’s worker and then elder of the church. Since 2000. I was a pastor’s helper and from 2003, I worked in a church in Kucura. In 2004, I left that church and started mission work with Roma (gypsy) people. In 2007, God gave me a vision from Matthew 25: 25-40. From that time until today, I serve in bringing this happy news to our Roma people.