Ed & Lajuana Oswalt

The daughter of Linking Partners’ founder, James Greene, LaJuana and her husband Ed, as well as each of their three children have been active in the Linking Partners ministry in Serbia. LaJuana brings management experience in the non-profit field, as well as experience teaching discipleship through the use of the book Multiply by Francis Chan and Mark Beuving, forward by David Platt. Ed’s near 30 years experience as a critical care RN and emergency response manager gives us insight to some of the underlying health problems that plague the Roma community. They still participate in Linking Partners work, both in the USA and Serbia. However, modeling what we teach, they are handing off day-to-day work to their daughter and son-in-law, Coty and Meghan Skinner.





Don and Jonie Weese, Jerry and Ruth Hill

Other early supporters include Don Weese and his wife Joanie, and Jerry and Ruth Hill. Both men traveled to Serbia to assess needs and provide encouragement. Don was a significant donor to the ministry in its early days, which has lead to many coming to follow Jesus Christ. Jerry is a Bible scholar. His teaching, early in the ministry, help shape and clarify the work of Linking Partners. He also abridged the book we use as the basis of our training, Multiply. This book was then translated into Serbian and has been an irreplaceable asset to the ministry. Both of these families have been important in the growth of Linking Partners.