The last couple of days have been busy to say the least. I apologize that this will not be a long post. But I figured something was better than nothing!

We spent Thursday with Jovica and let me tell you, this man is doing some great things! He is working with 17 churches. One of the biggest problems with churches here in Serbia is having the money to support the ministry. Jovica is working with people in these churches to help them become self sustaining.

The first couple we met with was a young couple who are heavily involved in one of the churches. The young lady has an education in agriculture and they are fortunate enough to own land where they can have greenhouses. Unfortunately they were unable to afford seeds for some of their greenhouses last year. It was a shame to see empty green houses, knowing they have to desire, work ethic, and knowledge to support themselves as well as help the church, but lacked the approximately 100 dollars it would take to buy seeds.

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