Last week Marijan and Slobodan traveled to Pirot to work with house church leaders there, in discipleship, organizational planning, and Bible study. Listen as Slobodan describes his experiences:

20160117_104540DSCN1658Ivan and I were walking down the mountain in 1 1/2 feet of snow, with heavy snow hitting us. Well, I can shortly write you how it was.


When Marijan and I came, first day was around 21 F (-6 C). We came to Ivan’s home which was bit warmer than outside.  I was sleeping in cold room, where was no heating, and it seemed temperature is double lower in room than outside in night, and it was – 10 C sometimes (14 F).

20160118_155108What you saw on picture was usual for three days of my staying there, almost 2 miles of walking up to the mountain and down, at least twice per day. First day was the hardest because it was my first time to climb up the road with no place to hide from heavy snow mixed with wind which was hitting us. It was sharp as razor which was cutting my face. We prayed for strength and finally when we came up to house, my feet toes were frozen and my nose dripping as Niagara falls.

20160116_194332In one house we gathered with 17 people all together, and studied over James 4: 13 – 17. Srdjan was talking about importance of God when making plans. It was encouraging for people who attended meeting, to have in mind God while planing things, and to ask Him for blessing first and then to do things. On this meeting there was 8 female and 9 male attendees including Marijan, Ivan and me.

20160117_120657After Srdjan finished lesson, people had questions about their ministry, and Marijan and Ivan adviced them what to do. One of the questions was: Why do we feel pain when people are saying bad things about God. Three of us gave them similar answers about it, but advice was the same – to pray over troubles of those people who don’t know God to help them to find Him, and also to be their light and example.

DSCN1579Next days were easier to walk, but it was still cold and slippery. Cars couldn’t go up to the mountain, so we had to walk down to the main road which was clean.  I was in visits with Ivan and Marijan and I met a lot of people, I don’t know exact number, but more than 30 people for sure. There were three people who accepted Jesus during one of our visits.

DSCN1668Youth meeting gathered 12 young people, 9 boys and 3 girls. On that place when they met youth sang and praised Lord. After that I shared small encouragement message for them and Ivan shared verses for obeying their parents. We agreed on our way back home that these young people need some motivation to stay faithful. It is constantly reading and studying Bible, and what popped up as good idea was to held one camp in Prokuplje for these young people. It would move them out of Pirot, out of their comfort zone, show them Grace and also help them to meet their fellow brothers and sister from other town and share some experience. It is up to us to pray for that. We put it in His hands

DSCN1588DSCN1596Your donations to Linking Partners help to make these events happen.

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