It may be summer now, but we’re looking toward colder weather. The Knitting Ladies have been very busy knitting hats for girls, hats for boys, hats for babies, hats for teenagers . . . all sorts of hats! All of them were knit with love for someone who needs a warm hat in Serbia. We pray over each hat, that God will make his love known to those who receive the hats.

We will be in Serbia at the end of October and into the first week of November. We’re looking forward to seeing what is going on in the ministries we know so well, and also to meeting new “disciples who make disciples” in parts of Serbia where we have not yet had ministry. So — Prokuplje, Pirot, Belgrade, Novi Sad . . . and new towns and villages . . . we look forward to sweet fellowship with you all.

Prayer Needs — right now, pray for Coty, Meghan, and LaJuana who will be traveling. Pray for Jim, who founded this ministry and continues to teach, to translate, and to encourage everyone involved. Pray for Slobo as he makes arrangements for our travel in country. Pray for Marijan, Slavica, David, Pera, and Niki in Prokuplje. Pray for Siki and Bojan in Pirot. Pray for Sasa in Kucura. Pray that there will be more names on this list after this trip!

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